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It’s simple. When you sign up, we give you a key fob which will open the main (and only) gate any time of the day or night, any day of the week. If trusted people other than you need access, we can supply you with extra fobs at a price of £25 each. Every time a fob is used, a record of who has accessed the site and for how long is automatically generated. This trail of access gives you extra security and peace of mind.

Sign up is simple, all you have to do is give us a call. We will arrange to meet you on site to help you sign up and give you your keys. This process only takes about 15 minutes. You are welcome to come with your car or van packed and ready to unload there and then

Yes. We ask every client to pay a deposit on their unit equating to one months rent. There is also a £25 deposit on each key fob you have. All deposits are refunded when you move out, providing the unit is still standing and the key fobs are returned undamaged.

The site is fully covered by HD CCTV cameras, floodlighting and full security lighting. The area is surrounded by high, anti–climb fencing and the only access point is through the main gate, which is electronic and can only be opened by customer and staff key fobs, the serial numbers of which are recorded when one is used to enter/exit, so we always have an up to date record of who has been on site and when they were there.

Yes! Our containers are brand new, watertight shipping containers designed for long periods at sea. To be sea–worthy, shipping containers have to pass some intensive tests, including 8hr submersion. So, as long as you shut the door, the water won’t get in. Plus, we have added ventilation into every unit to avoid issues if you put any wet or damp items inside.

Yes, very! Even the YourStore24 people can’t get into your unit. That’s because we ask our customers to bring their own locks. Each unit is fitted with hardened steel Anti Break–In lock covers which fit a C–Type lock. We sell hardened Steel C–Type locks for cost price, £25, although you are welcome to bring your own.

Yes you do. YourStore24 is not liable for the items in your unit, or your vehicles parked on site. It is your responsibility to insure your belongings and make sure that they are unloaded and stored safely. It is worth checking your Home Insurance policy as sometimes items in storage are covered under contents!

You are in complete control of access to your unit. You can give family/friend access to your unit and the site, but you will be liable for their actions.

We will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month. This can be paid by Bank Transfer but it makes it easier for everyone if you set up a Standing Order.

You will be on a monthly contract which we will keep rolling until you say otherwise. If you need more time just try to let us know in advance. If you were on a lower, long term rate, and would like to move out before the minimum time frame you can do that by settling the difference (which would be a cost for each additional month stayed.)